Ka Lama Kukui-Hawaiian Psychology: An Introduction

By William C. Rezentes III, Ph.D.

"E malama i na mea waiwai o na kupuna" (Cherish the wisdom of our ancestors) --- Traditional Hawaiian Proverb

Ka Lama Kukui Hawaiian Psychology: An Introduction

Ka Lama Kukui - Hawaiian Psychology is a guide to culturally relevant therapy and healing efforts for individuals and families of Hawaiian descent and heritage. It recognizes "Hawaiian Psychology" as the integration of traditional Hawaiian concepts and values with Western views and approaches to therapy and healing. This book is an attempt to assist anyone interested in bridging Hawaiian culture and Western psychology. It begins by addressing the issue of "Who is Hawaiian?" and goes on to discuss traditional Hawaiian values, "mental illness" in Hawaiians, Hawaiian healing practices, therapy, and the therapeutic setting. "Acculturation," Western, bicultural and traditional therapeutic and healing methods are considered and contrasted. Although this book is written largely for therapists and healers working with Hawaiians, it should prove valuable as well to Hawaiians seeking to help one another and to those interested in Hawaiian Psychology.

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Here are some comments from reviewers:

"At long last, Ka Lama Kukui - Hawaiian Psychology may be the very first book on the psychology of Hawaiian people. This ground breaking book delineates Hawaiian traditional personality factors, mental health concepts, and healing practices that are essential in applying the science and profession of psychology with clients in this ethnocultural group. Rezentes synthesizes traditional Hawaiian concepts and practices with contemporary issues and approaches. While Rezentes describes areas in need of research, his book outlines practical implications of cultural psychology which should inform both the mental health professional and interested layperson." --- Elaine M. Heiby, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of Hawai`i.

"Dr. Rezentes has applied Hawaiian and Western cultural values appropriately and effectively. He is attempting to re-educate his Hawaiian clientele about their own ancestors' ancient viable culture. Thus, the individual can feel good about himself or herself as a Hawaiian and can achieve harmony with God, fellowmen, and nature to the fullest. Only then can true healing-spiritual, emotional, and mental-be yours in this modern life." --- Aunty Malia Kawaiho`ouluoha`ao Craver, Kupuna (Elder)

"Bill Rezentes has made a wonderful contribution of what it means to be Hawaiian as we entered the 21st century. Ka Lama Kukui - Hawaiian Psychology is "inclusive" and reaches the heart of people versus being "exclusive." --- T. Nalani Waiholua Archibeque, Ph.D., Community Psychologist.